Susan and Veronica Get a Leg Up

Here at Spanx, we’re just as eager to give women a leg up as we are to make their butts look great. Which is why Sara Blakely started the Leg Up program, which gives female entrepreneurs a boost!

“Everybody needs a Leg Up in the beginning of starting a business,” she says. “Spanx wants to give other amazing women entrepreneurs their leg up! My big break came when Oprah named SPANX a ‘Favorite Thing.’ She gave me the leg up I needed and since then, I’ve wanted to pay it forward.”

That’s exactly what Leg Up does. Throughout the year, we ask women who’ve started their own businesses to enter for a chance to be featured in the Spanx catalog and on

Our latest winners are Susan Natoli and Veronica Prager of Susan and Veronica. The duo design amazing aprons that are practical and fashionable. Find out more about our winners and why Sara selected them!

Congratulations to Susan and Veronica and if you’d like to be our next Leg Up recipient, fill out an application!



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