Young Hollywood Gets Their SPANX On

It’s no secret that celebs turn to SPANX for slimming and smoothing, but a fresh-faced new crop of red carpet-goers are now looking to SPANX for modesty.

Perhaps heeding the tabloid-fueled cautionary tales that were Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, starlets like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart all rely on SPANX to stay classy and covered up.

Repeat offender Selena has flashed her SPANX at concerts and on the red carpet, while Kristen wowed crowds on talk shows with her peak-a-boo SPANX.

Even Kevin Jonas recently joked to Kelly Ripa (while co-hosting Live!…way to go, Kev!) that he was glad to be wearing his SPANX in front of the screaming fans.

And a few months ago, Taylor flashed a packed stadium when her wind machine caused an onstage wardrobe malfunction, blowing her dress sky-high during a performance of “You Belong With Me”. The seasoned pro didn’t miss a beat…she must have known we had her butt covered.


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