Baby It’s Cold Outside!

We celebrated a new crop of Spanx-ter moms-to-be at a Baby it’s Cold Outside-themed baby shower on December 12. The winter theme carried across the snacks (snow cones, hot chocolate) and décor (snowflakes hung from the ceiling and stuck to the windows).

The moms (all of whom are having boys!) compared baby bumps and chatted about what to expect before they were given gifts from each department and, of course, received sterling silver Tiffany & Co. spoons from Laurie Ann and Sara.

Congratulations to moms-to-be Carrie, Allyson, Emily, Wendy Alexis, and Hilary (not pictured)!


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  • Judi Fox says:

    Congrats! What a wonderful celebration and a very exciting 2014 with all these new baby boys on the way! :). I wrote a blog post after I gave birth and was struggling with losing the baby weight and mentioned wearing Spanx 24 / 7. I had looked into belly binding / body wrapping, but ended up loving my spanx so much more than any of those products. I hadn’t even bought my spanx for this purpose (I bought it for my wedding)… but I cut out the crotch material so I could wear my spanx just days after giving birth. Spanx helped me feel better about my body as I was trying to “slow and steady” lose the pounds. Not everyone’s post baby body is the same, but I recommend Spanx as the best product to wear after giving birth! XO

    Here is the blog post…. Congrats again!!!

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