Rock Your SPANX Socks!

SPANX may be synonymous with shaping, but we’ve also got a foot in the sock game. For warmth, for fashion or for function, our socks totally rock. And with so many sock-friendly trends stepping up this season, it’s the perfect time to walk the walk.

Thigh High
Over-the-Knee Socks are a sexy way to stay warm this winter. Pair this look with a pair of knee high boots to create a layered look that’s as stylish as it is cozy. (Get Over It! Over-the-Knee Socks, Scalloped Edge in Heather Gray Animal, $24.)

overthekneeblogKneed It Now
Pairing a classic shoe with a funky sock gives any look an edge. Try a classic Oxford with a patterned knee sock for a fashionable take on a traditional style.(Well Heeled! Sweater Knee Socks in Heather Gray Bold Chevron, $18.)

kneeblogDo a Double Take
Two-tone socks add texture and depth to your favorite outfit. Wear them thigh-high with taller boots, or slouch them down to show off the layered hues (and your legs) with ankle boots. (Get Over It! Over-the-Knee Socks, Ribbed Texture in Black/Gray, $24.)


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