Hanks in SPANX

tom hanks and spanks

Welcome to The Rear View! Though this blog won’t be entirely devoted to your bottom line, we do believe in making the world a better place…one butt at a time, so we thought it fitting we open with Tom Hanks on how SPANX improves his rear view!

While promoting their new film “Larry Crowne,” Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks laughed their way through an Access Hollywood interview with Billy Bush. When Billy told Tom he looked “beautiful” in the film’s “tightie whities” shot, Tom credited SPANX for Men.

Take a look at the hysterical interview and listen as Tom explains how SPANX for Men made his backside look like a peach.

See the video: Tom Hanks Mentions Spanx

Crews Into SPANX

terry crews

Terry Crews sans SPANX...and shirt.

Even the toughest guy needs a little support.

Terry Crews (star of The Expendables, Are We There Yet? and The Family Crews), paid a visit to The Wendy Williams Show. The buff actor showed off his action star body in a shirtless shot from The Expendables premiere, prompting Wendy to ask him how he “kept all that tucked in” to his suit. His response: SPANX!

See the video: Terry Crews Talks About Man Spanx

What Is SPANX for Men?

See, boys? Nothing to be scared of here!

Still curious about SPANX for Men? While many SPANX fans conjure images of he-sized versions of their favorite shapers, it’s actually a collection of high-tech wardrobe basics for the fellas. From the perfect cotton undershirt to comfy (non-shaping) briefs and boxer briefs, SPANX for Men is all about making guys feel good. And in that respect, it’s just like SPANX!

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