A Skort Story

skinny britches

Skorting the issue.

Shorts in the back. Skirt in the front. You know…it’s just crazy enough to work!

Think back. Way back. Back to a simpler time when ponytails could be worn (without irony) on the side of your head. When music played on cassettes and not iPods. And when skorts were all the rage. Yes, the skort. You know you had one. And so did we.

The memory of that oft-overlooked fashion hybrid is what inspired the most versatile member of the Skinny Britches Collection. What was once nothing more than a fashionable paradox now serves a very functional purpose: legs in the back anchor the shaper, while a skirted front lays lightly and invisibly underneath your clothing, preventing see-through moments in the sun and that dreaded static cling.